Friday, January 27, 2017

How To Make Cauliflower and Tortillas for Dinner

When it's time to put a menu together for the week I also have to plot my shopping.

I had leftover cooked cauliflower, corn tortillas, salad, leftover vegetarian enchiladas, avocados, and tomatoes. That's it. Ever been there? Now, what am I going to do?

I made guacamole with lime and salt and pico de gallo with tomatoes, jalapeno, onion and cilantro, (a typical salsa I now make instead of buying it). There. That's should do it, for now, I thought.

Just know that when you start a plant-based regimen, this no longer a critical moment.  It's not, "omg! now what?" when all you have is cauliflower and tortillas.

It gets easy as we learn that cauliflower is a base. (More on that later.) 

What has helped me this week is having sauces. I'm getting used to buying them. Last week, I bought adobo sauce which is similar to mole, (you know, the kind in a jar), and chimichurri sauce that is also used as a spread.

I thought this was mole! What a great find though.

Some of these sauces may not be good for you, as far what’s in the ingredients, but when you’re transitioning, this is a good place to start. 

It’s always good to read the labels but when you're out shopping, pick up some sauces.  It's good to mix with vegetables and I was right. I didn’t know what chimichurri sauce tasted like but I thought I’d try it.
It was delicious and did the trick.

Looks like shrimp! Doesn't it?

Fresh Sauces

In the beginning, I used to use a lot more pre-made sauces and foods in cans but, now I’m getting used to making some of these fresh. The same might be true for you.  You’ll buy them pre-made in the beginning but after awhile, you might learn to make them fresh. Who knows? It’s good to start small if you can.
I poured the chimichurri sauce over the leftover cooked cauliflower and mixed it in a large silver bowl with a large gentle spatula. I then laid them out in a mini pan that goes right into the oven. 

PB Tacos
Before I knew it, I was heating tortillas and putting the chimichurri cauliflower in tortillas. We were supposed to eat the dips with the tortilla chips but decided it was better for everything to be put in tortillas.  

We topped the tacos with guacamole and pico de gallo and decided to ditch the salad, (once again). This was filling enough. 
We ended up putting away the salad. I thought we’d use the salad as a “filler,” but Richard said, “this is too much food!” (Really?)
To think, most Friday nights we just eat a large pizza with pepperoni and  mushrooms, (mushrooms being our only vegetable). Tonight it was nice to spruce things up, if you think having cauliflower tacos is anything special.
Pair these with a white wine and it's a piece ‘a cake! What do you think? 
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