Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Step Beyond!

I’m always amazed at how much I get so down on myself for not feeling “the success:” the “accomplished” feeling I tell myself I should be feeling at almost mid-life.

However, when I remind myself of the successes I’ve had, I know that like everything else, I’m sure there are people who only dream about accomplishing what I’ve done. I’m not trying to promote myself here: my point is that most people we consider “successful” feel the way I do at all levels.

For example, I was reading an article on Gwen Stefani in a fashion magazine of how this amazing super star was rather astonishingly humble. Almost to the point of being insecure, she was very unsure if she and the band No Doubt were ever going to write new music again. The article also mentioned that as she prepared for their upcoming concert, she wasn’t even sure about needing an outfit for any encore performance!

Then it dawned on me as I’ve read Michael Jordan’s quote on twitter, “I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”

Successful people are never content with their circumstances. Whatever success we accomplish, the challenge of doing far greater things is always sought after. Successful people thrive on the never-ending quest for triumph.

Last month, my husband had one of the very best months he’s ever had in sales but he’s still working just as hard if not harder because he still fears he won’t make quota next month.

I think it’s when we become complacent after any success, is when we truly begin to fail.

When I realized this, I now enjoy my hunger for more accomplishments instead of feeling like I will never get "there;" wherever "there" is. It's comical to think of a time I used to dream of what kind of car I'd drive, where I would live and who I would marry and now that this is all done, like Anthony Bourdain says, “I’m hungry for more!!!”

However, to keep things in perspective, in order that I don’t pursue money, wealth or other frivolous “things,” my prize is to just become a better person by declaring victory each and every day.

Are you feeling content with your success?