Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book Review -- Just quit!! by Seth Godin

I love coming across books with a fresh perspective which is why I like the books by Seth Godin. Isn't now a time for new perspectives on career, goals, future and ambitions?

Godin, a pioneer for the new millennia, has a fresh outlook on how to quit. If you're thinking about it, whatever it is, now is your chance to learn how to do it and do it now!

This book offers us a chance to make an objective decision of when to quit and when to stay in the game and why.  Few people know how to quit let alone recognize the timing. When we face a difficult dip in our endeavors, we want to quit but what type of dip is it? His point is that when we realize we are just in a dip, it’s a dip that is almost designed for us to quit because the majority do.

The majority only knows how to be average and according to Godin, that is a loser attitude. This goes for your career, as a Christian, as a parent (ya - who can be just average with that?), a friend, whatever!

The essence of what Godin stands for is to stand out in the crowd. His mantra is about how you and I need to see the bigger picture not only for ourselves but for the contribution to society. When we just stay average, we prolong quitting something that is a dead-end situation or continue to hit a "brick wall" accepting mediocrity. Why waste a lot of energy that can be useful for something else we may be excellent at?

If you are thinking about quitting, just read The Dip by Seth Godin. You will be more educated on something so simple but yet so few know how.