About Me

 My 26 Day Journey

I'm constantly challenged with eating healthy.  However, I've learned how to train myself and my husband to eat healthier and show you how it can be done.  You can eat healthy by not having to always choose but by habit.

I write about my challenges in my book through a journal. I write about my cooking adventures to help you see that a lifestyle of healthy eating is not as hard as we make it seem. Anyone can gain a healthy appetite for foods that are actually good for you!

Track the foods you eat by transforming dishes you eat often. Read my journal so you can see that transitioning your diet is not as hard as you may think!

If you have just found this, feel free to read about my book here.  Here are the top categories I'll be writing about: Exercise, Health, Healthy Recipes, Relationships.

My Story

I'm an owner/operator of a vacation rental in Northern California's wine country called Sonoma Wine Nest. As California natives, my husband and I are passionate about recommending wineries, restaurants, and things to do here. 

I also work full time as an independent contractor for Getty Images in Sales. Photography is a passion and I love to take pictures in the wine country, when we travel and now food. 

February 2016 will be the release of my first book with Morgan James Publishing on how I learned to eat a lot more fruit and vegetables by keeping a journal on what I eat, how I cook and what I buy to show a relationship I have with food. 

My goal is to show those who struggle to eat their fruits and vegetables that it's not as hard as we make it seem.

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