Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cooking With No Oil

As I cook more plant foods, my taste buds change. And as my taste buds change, I begin to open up to the idea of how how to cook with no oil. This is a big game changer for me because oil is also a staple in our cooking. 

However, here are some basic foods that I started to cook without oil. 


I'm talking about all kinds of greens. A lot of plants have water in them the way we are made up of water. (I know, I'm bringing you into how I think.) 

I'm talking about cabbage, kale, spinach, Brussel sprouts, etc. There is absolutely no need to saute these in oil unless you're doing it for flavor but honestly, these foods have such a great flavor already. 

A little salt and pepper and maybe garlic and you can taste the purity of the vegetable. 

Vegetable Medley:

When you need to cook a lot of different vegetables, which is often, there's no need to add oil.

Again, just a little water to loosen them up in a non-stick pan is all you need. The key is to use a good non-stick pan.  I saw this copper non-stick pan I think on QVC and I just wanted it!

Get a good non-stick pan and you're already there.

Fresh butter squash with a frozen corn and black bean medley

Onions, mushrooms and tomato - no need for oil.

Hash browns: I have tried adding water to this but honestly, they come out mushy.  

I need to research how to cook hash browns. From now on, I'm going to add these in the toaster. The lesson here is not to saute them in a pan.

These are the four dishes you can start eliminating the oil. Let me know how it goes!

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