Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Oh God! I'm sick!!

Everyone knows what to tell you when you're sick. Drink lots of fluids, gargle with warm salt water, etc. But honestly, when you're sick and don't feel well, you might think to yourself what the insurance will be for a doctor's visit.

Here is when Google comes to the rescue. For me, I have tonsillitis every now and then which I've taken antibiotics for and never finish.

Here are some helpful sites I came across online when I googled "Home remedies for tonsillitis." Ya, just looking for a cure here folks.

Thanks to Dr. Axe ~

But of course, this is when my body will need all the healthy foods I've been giving it to kick in. It truly is mind over matter but most importantly, it's a constant war I'm having not just with eating right but when you eat right, you're still fighting a war to stay healthy.

Think about it. How are you winning the war on staying healthy?

Tell me what you think below.

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