Monday, August 23, 2010

Are You a One-Hit Wonder???

Do you know how to be amazing? After reading such an inspirational blog from Network Marketing Pro Randy Gage's post: here I'm not only inspired but I'm reminded to celebrate who I am!

When we are conscious of greatness; of feeling great in our "own skin," I think it means that we've accepted our personal quirks and celebrate them!

I've always been embarrassed about being into songs that are one-hit wonders. You know the kind, the squeeky, high-pitched, disco-pop songs that everyone wants to forget, that you'll only hear on public radio? (The kind you'll hear in your car when driving alone but NEVER with anyone else in it?) Well, I love them! However, when I accepted this fact, it wasn't until this moment that I realized a sort of freedom.

My mom said she was surprised to find that maybe she didn't even know how to feel happy but I don't think this is too far-fetched with how most of us feel. Is it because we don't accept who we are?

Come on. Who do you know who is into things that are so absurd but you love them anyways? Do you love them because they are insecure of themselves or because they accept who they are, no matter how stupid their beliefs or what they like are?

Honestly, go out and don't just be amazed; BE amazing!!!

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