Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You're Into What????

I met a fellow the other day who told me he likes classical music. I thought it was funny until he not only told me who was playing on the radio and what era it was from but that when he was seven his mother used to drop him off at the symphony where he and all the other old ladies with blue hair would enjoy the symphony. And actually, I thought how attractive that was! (Not the ladies but the fellow of course.)

My husband is not only a golfer and has competed in college but he can watch a professional tournament on TV and can practically tell you the year and which tournament it is because he's seen every tournament there is (unfortunately until now that we're married but such is life). I like that and that's one of the reasons I golf but most importantly, I'm attracted to that quality about him. Not because he's into golf but because his passion has led him to know so much about it.

I've actually had to think about what I really like and know a lot about. I love God and I know my bible pretty good. I like music and can tell you which band is playing in any dive bar across America and I like to jog which, I'm able to pretty much figure out what my body is telling me because of years living in the gym.

However, maybe I don't know enough about what I'm really into as much as I would like.

Can you tell someone what you like and know so much about it (whatever you are saying you're into) because of your passion for it? Now THAT is attractive!


  1. very interesting, so all the girls love that im an artist and not just me, I can live with that

  2. Not that your "just" an artist but that you know so much about the art you're into.... whoa baby!!!