Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I HATE working out!!!!

OK - there you have it! I hate it!

Why have I managed to run 5k's and even one 10k? (Oh man! And that’s nothing!) Running was a way to think, do something entirely on my own without anyone bothering me (seriously) and it was an excuse I think to get out of the house at the time.

I visited a nice gym and noticed I could relax in their Jacuzzi and THAT, I liked. I found the stairmaster (what was I thinking?), which was the machine closest to the women’s only section and I gradually started using it. I would listen to my walkman at the time (now I’m dating myself) and escape to a different place; thinking, breathing and watching other people in the gym.

I then started a routine of using all the weight lifts in order of how they were placed and slowly I started to create a habit. I remember going there on Friday nights as a way to escape. I loved sitting in the steam room, breathing in a different sort of detox. It became soothing. I began to meditate on things, people and understand why a good steam bath was really good for my skin and lungs.

What later happened was people noticed the veins in my arms, the muscles in my legs and that built my self-confidence. I was a healthy anomaly.

I then began to take on 5k’s, enlisting whenever I could. I would pair up with people who I was introduced to and did races with them. They would push my limits

What I have a habit of now doing is exercising - whatever it is, noticing that when I don’t, I am unmotivated, frustrated, unwilling to take on the tasks of the day. When I don’t exercise, I don’t eat the right things and meditation becomes very difficult.

My husband doesn’t like exercise either. He hated the thought of going to the gym because, to him, why would he want to when the beach is just right there? However, I know what he feels because I feel that too. I started going with him on Friday nights as a date although he would just sit and watch me. What happened was, he started to take his ipod and try different cardio machines. He started a habit of not just using one but several machines for 20-30 minutes each time he went! He started noticing his waist line as people commented on it and slowly after about 20 days or so, it became a habit.

I remember what drove me to exercise. Now, I’m a slave to it – realizing that if I don’t, I suffer in for it. Tony Robbins talks about this and I can relate. He always talks about the importance of exercise to allow the blood to flow through your brain and throughout your body to get you thinking, creating and having the energy to “do.” “The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” – Tony Robbins

How did you start your habit?

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  1. habits can be distant from what our mind is focus on, this happen when people do things in autopilot.
    Western culture teaches automatic and self reliance, physical activity is relegated as another task to complete in the day, yes will get results but it would not equal a life style full of concious atvivies that bring us joy because we know that life is more than doing the right thing but having the understanding of who created us and how we shoud live so we can achieve success in our life and love our bodies enough to take care of them sice we only get one..