Saturday, June 20, 2009


"Radical changes require a different type of thinking from the crowd. Being autonomous is a powerful force. However, it can be lonely at first, because you find you are swimming alone, against the current.

In most schools, we are taught to think a certain way, memorize endless facts, and always agree with the teacher. Going against the grain and being an original thinker in education is not encouraged. Conformity is rewarded with good grades and credentials. At graduation, everyone dresses in the same graduation gowns, wears the same kind of hat, and gets the standard diploma. If they are lucky, they will get a job that will be an 'acceptable profession.'

Instead of conformity, we should be encouraging people to be different!...Do we really want to be like everyone else? What if we all looked the same, acted the same, and had the same jobs? Would that be stimulating? Would you want to marry someone who is exactly like you? I certainly wouldn't.

We have to be willing to risk public humiliation, to be unique and go after what we want. The road to your unique self is not crowded! Have the courage to be yourself. The more authentic we are, the more powerful we become. However, we must be willing to go at it alone, like the shark."

Sharkie Zartman
Shark Sense

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